Monday, July 29, 2013

Bohemian blanket for baby

I made this little blanket yesterday for a friend's baby boy.  I wanted something a bit unusual, so I mixed batiks and chevron patterns to make a bohemian style blanket.

I got the idea from the book,"Sew What You Love" by Tanya
Whelan. Lots of cute beginner sewing projects.

I made a hexagon template six inches across, each side being 2.5 inches long. After cutting approximately 30 hexagons, I cut notches in each corner. It will go a lot faster if you layer the fabrics, and then cut out the pattern.

 Now sew the hexagons together, right side to right side.

After trimming the duvet to a rectangle, I sewed the right side of the hexagons to some soft minky fabric leaving a 10" gap to pull the fabric through. 

Then I topstiched and voila, a sweet little blankie for the stroller and crib.

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